About Us

Our Story

Aguiar Milk Testing is a partnership of 2 sisters: Lucia & Cecilia  Aguiar.  Our Dad tested cows for the DHIA in the 1970’s, and in the early 80’s he started his own private venture.  We were 5 & 4 years  old at the time. We grew up testing cows... so when people ask how long  we've been doing this, the answer is "our whole lives". Narciso has been  working with us since 1999, and his brother Edgar came on board a  couple years later.  We Love our team :) We are family!
We  have a small lab, but it's packed with good stuff.  We can test for  percentage of butterfat, protein, lactose, solids, MUN & SCC  (somatic cell count)!  
Now we have added milk & blood pregnancy testing, and bacteria testing to our lab.

We  are a fully certified, independent lab and certified independent field  services provider.  We also have a certified meter center, so we can  keep everything running as accurately as possible.  We take great pride  in the quality of our service, and we are grateful for our customers big  and small.
We take great pride in our work and in the results we provide