What we offer

Dairy Herd Improvement sample collection and testing

Our lab and field services are certified to meet breeding association certification requirements. Herds wanting fully certified records will need to process with Agritech, Provo or DRMS.

We offer Individual cow milk weights using calibrated milk meters,
and sample collection for component testing,
Price varies depending on herd size, barn, #milkings weighed and/or sampled, & distance
Milk sample component testing for Bfat, Prot or Solids, & SCC 
( MUN and pregnancy testing also available using the same sample )​

Repro Testing- OPEN checking

Perfect for initial confirmations, rechecks & dry-off checking!

This test gives a simple Pregnant, Open or Recheck result

We run this Idexx test in our own lab. Results available same day if on Mondays, and within 24 hrs of finishing testday

*$10 set up fee for batches less than 50 samples

Milk Pregnancy - $2.75
- Accurate after 28 DSLH
*requires small vials, no vials needed when run with test day samples

Blood Pregnancy - $2.75
*requires serum tubes and needles